Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Dance Central in PE

Want a unit of work that covers pretty much all of the 'Creative' elements of the national curriculum PoS for P.E?

Look no further than Dance Central - or any dance game for that matter. This just happens to be the one I've used!

I've taught dance modules in P.E for years and never seen engagement and participation like I did when I fired up the xbox and loaded this game.

Boys who normally slink to the back and make excuses not to dance were at the front of the queue begging to be next.

Lesson Structure
(Assuming a 6 week term)
  1. Familiarisation with game. Dance to lots of songs on easier settings
  2. Choosing a song whole class will learn. Set to hard mode and learn the steps from the built in tutor. Record steps by using same logos displayed on screen for referring back to.
  3. Practice dance, learning moves for whole class performance at end of lesson. Keep on recording steps they have learnt.
  4. Challenge - use the steps learnt to choreograph your own dance to a different track in pairs/groups. Each group with an ipad to record and self evaluate as they go. Record on paper their dance - how they choose to do this is an open task.
  5. Continue choreography. Have extension tasks for those early finishers (e.g. add in a lift or balance). Dance must be 90% complete by end of session. 
  6. Final performance and evaluation. Videod for evidence/sharing on school website.

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