Monday, 7 April 2014

Epic Results with Citadel (planning included!)


The 'game' where nothing really happens...
which is why it's so good!

I've used this extensively in multiple schools, always to superb effect.

A beautiful 'game' designed to show the potential of the graphics engine in an ipad. There are no missions, no quests and no objects to manipulate. It is the perfect setting for fiction work - with no distractions! Citadel takes you so far and then invites you to let your imagination take over.

I've always coupled this work on King Arthur and the knights of the round table. I'm sure the chronology doesn't match entirely but it works well regardless! 

Recently I coupled this with Myst and a few other games-based learning activities over a 5 months period. I also took some baseline and summative data on attainment and attitudes towards writing. My plan was to see if I could get the boys in Y6 to radically improve both of these. It worked. Hugely. 

To give you a head-start, here's my planning. I've appended all the resources that I can. Also worth a look is the work done by Porchester Junior School. If you're planning to use Epic Citadel, you should definitely check out their pages.

Whatever you do with Epic Citadel, it's going to grab the children's attention and imagination. They'll love using it and you'll love the results. It is so rich, which makes it the perfect game for your games-rich classroom

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