Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Rock Band Project

"And the winner of the battle of the bands is..."

Rewind 6 weeks.

"Kids, welcome to the new term...let's watch 'School of Rock'."

...109 minutes later...

"That's our project for this term."

It was awesome! The children had the following tasks over the course of the term:

  • Form a 3-5 piece band.
  • Choose a name
  • Choose a song from Rock Band or Guitar Hero (we had both)
  • Rehearse it to perfection (over the course of the term)
  • Design a logo
  • Design and make costumes
  • Create invitations and flyers for the battle of the band
  • Plan and carry out a band photo shoot
  • Edit to photos from the photo shoo
  • Give a presentation to peers about their band and their choices
  • Argue in a debate - 'All children should learn musical instruments'
  • Articulate their point of view from the debate in a letter to a newspaper
  • Design and create a website for their band
  • Design and create an album cover
  • Use Garage Band to create a composition
  • Study sound and amplification
  • Create a film script
  • Design merchandise to be sold
  • Take part in the battle of the bands
We also had a live band come in to school and do a small gig and workshop for the children.

Most afternoons worked on a carousel basis allowing children regular access to the game to practice their songs and general enjoy themselves.

The battle of the bands came and went and the evaluations from children and parents were extremely positive. For half a term we very much had a games-rich classroom

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