Sunday, 6 April 2014

Why games and why blog about them?

Short answer: 
Participation > Engagement > Motivation > Attainment, Achievement > 
Accelerated Progress.

Longer answer: 
Games work on many levels, all of which can benefit the learners in our classrooms if used well. This blog is my little addition to the already substantive collection of ideas and resources that exists on sites like Educade, Games in Education or just a vaguely accurate Google search such as this one.

Games can be used for direct learning outcomes, a jump-off point for more in depth learning opportunities or to affect the learning culture or environment. The latter option moves us from the realm of games-based learning to gamification of learning. Both have their advocates, both have their critics, but if used well, both can have phenomenal results. Both will also feature in this blog as a classroom with the best of both will be a games-rich classroom. 

That'll do by way of introduction. I'll get into specific games and ideas soon, but for now have a gander at this.

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